About Learna

Q : What is Learna?

A :
Learna operates computer-based education centres that provide curriculum-based supplementary maths and language teaching exclusively through computers for KS1 to KS3 students, with the help and guidance of experienced teachers.

Q : How does Learna differ from other supplementary education providers?

A : Learna is the only supplementary education programme that teaches the maths and language curriculum exclusively through computer-based activities. Our experienced teachers guide and support the students through individualised learning paths to success.

Q : What are the responsibilities of a Learna teacher?

A : Our facilitating teachers aid your child in reaching his/her true potential by providing continuous monitoring and feedback at every stage of learning. Our teachers partner with you in ensuring your child’s progress. Learna also supports and provides optional one-on-one tutoring at our centres.

Q : Is Learna only limited to computer-based activities?

A : Learna is not limited to computer-based activities alone. In addition to the computer-based activities at our centres, we provide homework exercises. During summertime we make your child’s holiday exciting and memorable by emphasising writing, drama, music, hands-on problem solving, nature and team activities. We also offer optional one-on-one tutoring as well.

Q : Does Learna offer preparations for standardised tests?

A : We offer special tracks for students preparing for standardised tests and competitions.

Q : Is Learna a remedial programme?

A : Our programme was designed to accommodate children of all skill levels. Our curriculum-based software inspires and nurtures the needy students and stimulates and challenges the gifted ones.

The Learna Software

Q : What is Learna software? How does it teach?

A : The Learna software, which is the cornerstone of the Learna Method, adapts instantly to the learning capabilities of each child to accommodate children with all kind of needs. It uses creative coaching techniques and unique lesson plans in following the school curriculum very closely. For more details about our software, just go to our Learna Software page.

Q : Can I purchase a Learna software CD?

A : The Learna software system is not a CD and it cannot be purchased or installed on a home computer. Our software can only be accessed at one of our Learna Centres.

Q : How do you monitor the progress of my child at Learna?

A : The Learna software tracks your child’s entire progress and logs all your child’s responses and response times. It also uses the historical data about the performance of your child in previous related levels to customise activities geared to your child’s capabilities.

Q : What does “Adapt instantly to the learning capability of each child” mean? How is this achieved?

A : When our software identifies gaps in your child’s knowledge, it automatically integrates remedial activities in a transparent manner. As your child’s performance improves, the software switches to enrichment mode to challenge him/her with advanced activities. Moreover, based on your child’s current performance our software calculates the response time for the next activity.

The Learna Method

Q : What is the Learna method? How does it work?

A : The Learna method is a unique teaching technique developed by experienced educators and researchers to accommodate children with all different kinds of needs. For more details about our method, just go to our Learna Method page.

Q : Are you teaching your students with computers? What if the student does not have any computer experience?

A : We teach the KS1 to KS3 supplementary maths and language curriculum through computer-based activities. We provide initial computer training on navigating our software system to those students who don’t have any computer experience.

Q : How does Learna motivate its students?

A : We conduct annual competitions for the Learna Laureate (with scholarships), Learna Distinction and Learna Recognition Awards. In addition, all the students will be rewarded with Learnies Monies, which are merit points they can redeem at Learna for educational games and toys, based on their performance at the centre. Moreover, each session at our centres has a short recess time to entertain our students.

Evaluation and Feedback

Q : Do we have any monthly parents’ meetings?

A : Parents can arrange parent-teacher meetings at any time. However, we do have scheduled dates established and those will be posted in our centres.

Q : Does Learna conduct any student competitions?

A : We conduct biannual and annual competitions for the Learna Laureate (with scholarships), Learna Distinction and Learna Recognition Awards.

Q : How often do students write tests?

A : After a few related concepts have been learned by students we conduct progress tests to ensure retention.

Q : Is it possible for me to review my child’s progress in a timely manner?

A : Yes, you can review your child’s progress at every step by reviewing the progress report produced by our system at the end of each concept level. You can even review your child’s performance in each session as well. In addition, you can also talk to our teachers to find out your child’s progress and performance in relation to other students in the same age category.


Q : Do you offer any discounts to parents who have more than one child to enrol?

A : Yes, we offer discounts to parents who have more than one child to enrol and those students who enrol for both subjects. Please speak to one of our educational representatives to find out more.

Q : How many sessions does my child need to attend to complete a particular grade level?

A : In general, a student is expected to spend a minimum of 80 hours (two one-hour sessions per week for 40 weeks) per subject at our centres, to complete a grade level successfully. However, this duration may vary depending on the student’s progress.

Q : How much does Learna programme cost?

A : The cost varies across centres. At all centres, significant family discounts are available. There will be a one-time registration fee as well. Please contact the nearest centre for more details.

Q : How many hours per week should a student spend at the centre?

A : We recommend two one-hour sessions per week per subject.

Q : I would like to schedule more than one hour per week. Is that possible?

A : You can schedule as many classes as you like, based on your monthly tuition plan. But we recommend two hours per week per subject.

Q : How much time should a child spend completing homework?

A : We suggest an average two hours per week per subject. This may vary based on the student’s skill and grade levels.

Q : Do you teach preschool children?

A : Our curriculum-based software was designed to accommodate children of all skill levels. It helps preschoolers get ready for learning. However, preschooler enrolment is at the parents’ discretion.

Q : At what age can my child start at a Learna centre?

A : Learna offers our computer-based maths and language curriculum to KS1 to KS3 students. However, children can enrol as early as preschool to get the whole benefit of our Learna method.

Q : Is there any special care available for my child?

A : At Learna, we pay special attention to each child’s progress. We treat each child individually and we ensure that no child is left behind or left out. However, if your child needs extra care or support, you can consult one of our facilitating teachers and arrange an optional one-on-one tutoring service.


I believe Learna is the reason why my maths has improved.

Without it I wouldn't have achieved an A in my GCSE maths and wouldn't have even attempted A-level!

Renu, Sutton Grammer School


At Learna, the activities and assignments are individualized automatically by our adaptive software. Attention to each child’s progress is one of the most important aspects of the Learna method. It gives our software the ability to revise the activities depending on the level of your child’s progress.


We believe in teaching concepts in an interactive manner that provides children with a solid foundation of understanding. Your child will also improve computer skills while learning math and languages.


Your children will be inspired by an intuitive multimedia alternative to rote learning. Once a concept is learned and understood, it will be retained for a lifetime.

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