Learna method

active_messageTrue learning stems from both understanding and applying concepts. While many of us grew up hearing “practice makes perfect,” drills may only help students remember facts. The Learna method goes a step beyond by focusing on understanding and application rather than drill.

Our Method

  • Adapts instantly to the learning capability of each child

  • Allows the children to follow their own path of learning to success

active_message_special_pic2Based on the performance of the students during the first month of their enrolment at Learna, they will be placed at a level corresponding to their current skills, strengths and weaknesses. From then on, they work on the curriculum at a computer with the help of a facilitating teacher. The Learna curriculum is divided into levels, each of which teaches a particular concept. Students learn the concepts through computer-based activities and progress through the system one level at a time at their own pace with the help of a teacher. Individualised homework assignments are also given. Your child is the focus of the Learna Method. It is individualised and interactive to inspire your child.


I believe Learna is the reason why my maths has improved.

Without it I wouldn't have achieved an A in my GCSE maths and wouldn't have even attempted A-level!

Renu, Sutton Grammer School


At Learna, the activities and assignments are individualized automatically by our adaptive software. Attention to each child’s progress is one of the most important aspects of the Learna method. It gives our software the ability to revise the activities depending on the level of your child’s progress.


We believe in teaching concepts in an interactive manner that provides children with a solid foundation of understanding. Your child will also improve computer skills while learning math and languages.


Your children will be inspired by an intuitive multimedia alternative to rote learning. Once a concept is learned and understood, it will be retained for a lifetime.

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