active_message_pic25The first step in getting your child started at Learna is to is to discuss your child’s performance with a Learna teacher. Learning at Learna consists of the following aspects:


active_message_special_pic11One important feature of the Learna method is the accurate placement of your child at a level that exactly matches his or her skills in a particular subject. This is achieved by a placement strategy that evaluates your child in core areas of each subject at the beginning of the program over a number of weeks. During this period, we also identify the gaps in your child’s background and recommends remedial activities before starting at a level corresponding to his or her school grade. Alternatively, we will suggest enrinchment activities based your child’s strengths if he or she is an advanced student.


active_message_special_pic12When you register your child, he or she will be given a username and password to access our computer system at the centre as well as the online resources at A one-time registration fee will be needed as well.

Activities at the centre

active_message_special_pic13Your monthly fee includes eight one-hour sessions per subject at our centres and about eight hours of homework per subject. This is the minimum time your child is expected to spend for each subject per month. However, additional sessions, which require an additional payment, will enable your child to practice more, try advanced enrichment activities and fully benefit from our method.

In addition, our method and the software allow special activity tracks for each student depending on your child’s needs, school curriculum and special examinations like National Curriculum key stage tests.

Tests and competitions

active_message_special_pic14In order to ensure long-term retention of the concepts, our activities at the centre include progress tests – the concepts learned over many related levels are tested periodically.

We also conduct biannual competitions to rank the students and select the winners for our Learna Laureate Scholarships as well as Learna Distinction Awards and Learna Recognition Awards.

Report card

active_message_special_pic15Your child will be given a performance report at the completion of each concept level. The report is based on your child’s performance in computer-based activities and on the teacher’s specific comments and recommendations. In addition, periodic progress tests are conducted and reports are given at the completion of a few related levels to ensure the retention of the concepts learned previously. We also encourage the parents to meet our instructors regularly.

Homework assignments

active_message_special_pic16At the end of each session, your child will be given a set of homework assignments to complete before the next session. The homework assignments are also individualized and selected based on the performance of your child. They are selected so that your child can review the concepts learnt in the session and remedy the gaps in the prerequisites for the following session.

I believe Learna is the reason why my maths has improved.

Without it I wouldn't have achieved an A in my GCSE maths and wouldn't have even attempted A-level!

Renu, Sutton Grammer School


At Learna, the activities and assignments are individualized automatically by our adaptive software. Attention to each child’s progress is one of the most important aspects of the Learna method. It gives our software the ability to revise the activities depending on the level of your child’s progress.


We believe in teaching concepts in an interactive manner that provides children with a solid foundation of understanding. Your child will also improve computer skills while learning math and languages.


Your children will be inspired by an intuitive multimedia alternative to rote learning. Once a concept is learned and understood, it will be retained for a lifetime.

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