Learna approaches learning in a way that is becoming increasing rare in the current educational system – we actively acknowledge that each and every child is unique, and as such, each child learns uniquely. Realising that inspiration and interaction can spark a childís interest in learning has been a key in forming the Learna approach to modern education.

Going beyond traditional methods, Learna aims to get to know each student and their current skills and knowledge upon enrollment – They are allowed to take in information at their own pace, making sure no child is left behind by a teacher rushing the rest of the class ahead of them. We have put an emphasis on making sure out system allows for the student to feel a true mastery of each subject before being moving on to the next; affirming their belief in their own abilities, and rewarding it with skills that can be applied as they move forward.

Learna stays ten steps ahead of traditional schooling not only in their understanding and encourage approach, but also in their teaching methods. Computers are at the centre of the students daily education, so whilst they learn long division or even just basic reading, they are constantly becoming more computer-literate with each class – an invaluable asset as technology merges with daily life in countless ways. Again, Learna has taken this approach another pace forward, weíve created our own learning software. Each Learna Centre utilises the software as a key tool at the the very heart of the system, itís been designed to compliment the schools efforts and curriculum perfectly.

Essentially, Learna allows education to be passed on as it always should have been; with understanding, tailoring and open lines of communication been teachers and students. Those three simple touches can make a world of difference to a childís formative years, and how they approach their education

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I believe Learna is the reason why my maths has improved.

Without it I wouldn't have achieved an A in my GCSE maths and wouldn't have even attempted A-level!

Renu, Sutton Grammer School


At Learna, the activities and assignments are individualized automatically by our adaptive software. Attention to each child’s progress is one of the most important aspects of the Learna method. It gives our software the ability to revise the activities depending on the level of your child’s progress.


We believe in teaching concepts in an interactive manner that provides children with a solid foundation of understanding. Your child will also improve computer skills while learning math and languages.


Your children will be inspired by an intuitive multimedia alternative to rote learning. Once a concept is learned and understood, it will be retained for a lifetime.

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